Should I ?

should I  write this posting ?

hahahah, this is a feeling that in Indonesian called galau,which is a sense in which one feels lonely, alone, sad, indecisive.But more than that feeling of so-called “galau has the meaning of the word that is restless. Whether since when the word hubbubarose in Indonesia and the earth’s surface began to boom among the younger generation now. So this is what I feel now, somethings wrong inside my heart and my mind.

What now happens is why I went along to feel anything like this?whether the sense of confusion was not cuman felt by young people? or maybe I’m also one of the young man? hahaha, of course I was still young, I was 23 years and I still have thecharacter and spirit and personality of the youth. Well, maybe that’s also what I’m experiencing now is upset like other youths,who feel lonely when left sweetheart, all alone when no friendshand when hearts are sad and need someone to share.

hahahha, but honestly I feel there is something funny while writingthis, why do I have to feel this way too, why not relax and enjoy itjust brought it once was. This is not the first time, so it’s not uncommon anymore in my life. I never felt anything like this beforewhen I have lost a woman that I love. Oh, it was crushing mychest, but never mind, this is the location for living, sometimes there are happy and that certainly after that will inevitably arisesorrow and vice versa, when you’re sad or difficult would thenappear pleasure or happiness. I believe that in life, because basically, life is full of sorrow and will be replaced with happiness,now I lost the girl I love, surely someday I‘ll get instead of a girlwho is better (I believe it)

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